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Air Quality Permitting

Whether constructing a new industrial facility, expanding an existing facility or modifying operations, owners and operators may be subject to air quality permitting requirements. Industrial sources must be designed, constructed and operated to comply with all applicable air quality regulations. Air quality regulations exist within a range of permitting programs, including state and local codes and federal programs such as New Source Review and the Title V operating permit program.


Regulatory Modeling

EnTech's consultants have performed many air dispersion modeling studies in support of air permit applications. EnTech closely follows developments in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state modeling guidelines. EnTech's technical staff is well versed in the use of SCREEN 3, ISCST3, ISCLT3, AERMOD models.

NESHAP and NSPS Compliance

EnTech tracks the ongoing development and promulgation of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). NSPS apply to equipment in nearly every facility and are one of the first areas addressed in many permitting studies. With nearly 20 years of experience in air regulations and permitting, EnTech can be of great value in helping you determine the applicability of NSPS to your operations.


Climate Change Services

The accumulation of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in the Earth's atmosphere, created primarily through fossil fuel combustion, has resulted in global climate change. With the enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol coupled with the development of regional GHG emissions trading schemes and voluntary registry programs in the United States, multi-national companies will potentially operate under a number of complex and dissimilar programs.


Thermal Imaging for Gas Leaks

The Oil and Gas industry depends on thermography to avoid costly and dangerous emissions. Infrared cameras help pinpoint gas leaks before trouble strikes and service is affected.


Combustion Device Services

High efficiency flare, combustors or thermal oxidizers result in higher production throughput. EnTech provides project management, combustion control device compatibility evaluation and required air compliance and ambient air quality dispersion modeling. EnTech can conduct performance tests according to the newly established EPA NSPS Subpart OOOO guidelines for facility combustor compliance demonstration. EnTech can also assist the facility operation personnel to develop the optimum combustor operation parameters.


Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Releases happen. The remediation group at EnTech has worked with regulatory coordinators from multiple state agencies. Working from the initial investigation stage to final closure, for soil only contamination, to groundwater and water well investigations, our experienced team can walk you through the stages regardless of complexity. If your site requires excavation or a full remediation system, we have you covered.


Remedial Design and Implementation

EnTech offers remedial resolutions ranging from excavation to hydro excavation for installation of a remediation system with multiple types of recovery pumps to remove different types of phase separated hydrocarbons. Implementation of effective remedial design while balancing issues associated with site specific contamination requires critical management and experience with multiple issues.

Release/Spill Response Oversight

Rapid response to spill release response and oversight of multiple contractors takes communication with workers, community and state agencies. We have experience for spilled materials ranging from benzene, gasoline, diesel and oil, with impaction of affected locations ranging from inside tank farms to underneath pipeline manifolds sensitive receptors such as rivers.

Excavation Oversight

Excavation oversight can be as simple as a straight dig and haul. Excavations can include treatment and hydro excavation around pipelines, excavation in areas with lower clearance and coordination of multiple entities, traffic flow and multiple utilities. Excavations can be an initial release investigation to find the cause or removal of historical locations of pits located only through historical aerial photography. Depending on the type of facility and the area of the excavation, the logistics to complete the excavation can vary at every facility.

Hazardous and Medical Waste EHS Audit

EnTech's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) consultants are skilled in performing Hazardous and Medical Waste regulatory audits in order to prepare clients for future agency compliance visits. We specialize in EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations. Each client facility is thoroughly reviewed for major and minor compliance infractions. Our consultants are sensitive to individual client needs and company policies. All audit findings are completely confidential and only shared with client management.

Marine Vapor Control System

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